Save up to 10% to 20% everyday on all products

High Rich is a dynamic e-commerce website that provides an array of genuine and high- quality products. High Rich has an abundant collection with products necessary for all sphere’s of a person’s life, covering everything from Grocery & Household necessities to Appliances & Electronics, to Clothing & Personal Care products. What makes High Rich different from all the others is the availability of an array of local, national and international brands at the lowest possible rate, i.e the Distributer’s rate!

Developed some of the best minds at the southern tip of the Indian sub-continent, High Rich is an effort to make quality products affordable to all sections of the society. High Rich achieves it through an innovative approach and use of technology. Every product on High Rich needs to qualify a rigorous quality test by High Rich’s QA Department before it can set foot on the website.

How can you buy from High Rich?

Only a Privileged Customer can enjoy the products and benefits provided by High Rich. That being said, being a Privileged Customer on High Rich is one of the easiest things in the world, if you have the right contacts. High Rich gives a lot of priority to inter-personal connections over all others. Therefore, to join High Rich, a current Privileged Customer has to refer you, by giving you their personal High Rich ID number. With that ID number, you have to pick an item from the First Purchase Pool of High Rich, to be delivered to you.

That’s it!

Once you make the first purchase, you receive your own HR ID number. Your key to millions of best quality products at the lowest rate possible!

It’s Sale, Every day!

High Rich is not just the greatest online supermarket with the widest range of products and brands, it also lets its Privileged Customers enjoy the privileges provided by its intelligent technology. You can earn as you buy from High Rich. There are 4 different ways in which you can earn:


Save a tonne as you buy!

The e-commerce platform lets manufacturers directly sell through High Rich, eliminating every middlemen activity and lowering the costs to a bare minimum. Therefore, every product on High Rich is available at its lowest possible price, i.e, the distributor rate. It’s no magic!

On an average, our Privileged Customers can save above Rs. 1000 on their monthly home essentials and grocery shopping; that is a good Rs. 12,000 a year. As for fashion, an average shopper can save upto Rs.13,000 yearly. For shopaholics, the deal is greater than ever!

Besides, as effortlessly as you order, your products get delivered to your doorstep.


As a Privileged customer, you can share your referral ID to help your peers join High Rich. For every individual registered with your referral ID, you will be rewarded with a fixed bonus of Rs. 200. The rewarding system is completely automated and follows a binary system of calculation.

Your Binary Tree has two Branches: Left and Right. Every time you help a person come aboard with your ID number, they will be added to your Left, followed by your Right branch. Your rewards are calculated by ‘matching’ the total amount earned under your Left branch

and your Right branch. Each Branch scores every time someone is added to your Tree. It could be you or anyone else in your Tree. At the end of each day, your rewards will be calculated and delivered you. The lesser amount of the two branches is usually as taken your First Purchase Income for the day. The balance amount will be carried forward to the next day.

Just from First Purchases, a High Rich Privileged Customer can earn an income ranging from a minimum of Rs. 200 to a maximum of Rs. 5, 000 ( the fixed Ceiling Point) per day!

In order to the streamline the process, and to keep it running healthy at every stage of growth, High Rich has introduced 3 mechanisms to sustain the system

The Three Pillars to Sustain First Purchase Income are:

Daily Ceiling Point

As mentioned above, an amount of Rs. 5,000 is fixed as the maximum First Purchase Income that can be generated in a day. When the total amount generated from each branch exceeds the Ceiling Point, the remaining sum from each branch is matched. The branch will the higher amount will have its balance be carried forward to the next day.

For instance:

Say, The Left branch has earned 7000 BV and the Right, 6000 BV

At the end of the day, the customer will receive an amount of Rs. 5,000 ( the fixed Ceiling Point)

Remaining on:

Left                 Right

2000 BV     1000 BV

‘Matching’ subtracts the lesser amount of the two, Rs. 1000, from each side.

Resulting in:

Left           Right

1000 BV     0 BV

Therefore, Rs. 1000 will be carried forward to the next day on the Left side.

Fluctuation Mechanism

To keep the total First Purchase Income payout in harmony with the income of the company, High Rich follows a variant of a binary system called the Fluctuation Binary System. When the amount to distribute as rewards become higher than the income generated by the company, the fluctuation system identifies the difference between the two amounts and deducts the the same percentage from the income at all levels of the binary system.

For example, If the company is short of Rs. 10,000 for its First Purchase Income payouts of Rs. 1 Lac, our software will automatically identify the ideal percentage of the amount to be deducted from customers at all payment levels, to normalise the fluctuation.

Double-Cut System

The highly efficient technology developed by High Rich uses a Double-Cut off the system to address fluctuations of a larger scale. To initiate the Double-Cut off mechanism, the system will group customers on the basis of their daily first purchase income. With respect to the amount required to harmonise the system, a percentage of the income will be deducted from groups on the highest pay scale to distribute across all the lower-income levels. With a small deduction in the income of the higher levels, the payouts of lower levels stays intact, thereby, effectively neutralising fluctuation of any degree.


The third and the most consistent way of income is generated through Re-Purchase Income.

Whenever anyone from your Tree purchases from the High Rich, a fixed percentage of that amount will be distributed across 18 levels upwards. If it is your direct referral, i.e., the person who used your referral ID to become a Privileged Customer, then you will be the recipient of 50% of that amount.

For example, if your direct referral buys grocery for Rs. 1000, 10% of the amount, i.e., Rs. 100 will be used to distribute as Re-Purchase Income across 18 levels. But you will receive 50% of that amount, i.e., Rs. 50.

The mechanism of Re-Purchase Income follows a a system, by which the percentage of distribution ranges from 50% at Level 1 ( Direct Referral) to 0.78% at Level 18.